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Our i12 Smart light Hotel Room Energy Kit allow you to effortlessly adjust your lighting,arico and boiler or coffel machine for different tasks

Surface is added to your exisiting switches come in a varities of styles and colors, match your decoration style seamlessly. 

IoT iDoorsensors will further curb operating costs,your system will automatically turn off the Airco forgotten by guests.

To upgrade your guest rooms, you just need few hours due to our advanced wireless system and Surface SwitchDIY speciality, so we can continue to operate your hotel's business as normal,we gurantee your best benefits from your investment in our solutions.

Surface+iPlugDim+iPlug+zAirCo+iDoorSensor Hotel Room Automation functions 

Scene1> ,zAirco bring fresh air,iPlugDim dim on the soft light,iPlug turn on the boiler or coffel machine;
Scene2> ,zAirco change the airco to the night mode,iPlugDim dim off the light softly,iPlug turn off the heater;
Scene3> ,zAirco warm up your bed room,iPlugDim dim off the light,iPlug turn on the boiler or coffel machine to prepare the warm drink;
Scene4> ,zAirco change the airco to off mode,iPlugdim dim off the light softly,iPlug turn off the boiler or coffel machine;
iDoorSensor will trig the Scene when you open the window and detect the temperature around window glass to decide to turn on the airco or close it.

Best Solution: Surface 1*1+Surface2*1 +iHubPlus*1+iPlugDim*4+iPlug*1+zAirCo*2+iDoorSensor*2



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